Need Painters in Dublin?

Looking for a brilliant exterior painting contractor? We are based in Dublin and are affordable and reliable.

There is no need to worry as C4I are fully insured and only hire the very best painters in Dublin. Our decorators are very highly qualified and experts in their fields. We have everything from painters, to spray painters, wallpaper professional and plaster masters.

We have launched a new commercial division too which can take care of even the very largest commercial or industrial redecoration projects, inside and outside.

Our top class project managers can bring any projects in at the desired price and of course with very minimal delay or down time. We know how important it is for businesses to keep their doors open for as long as possible. Having to stop business for any length of time at all means lost revenue and lost profits. We aim to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Keeping in constant contact with our clients is one of our secrets to how we have such excellent reviews. By giving our clients numerous ways to contact us and by keeping them informed every step of the way, we are able to make our client’s lives easier and ultimately less stressful.


Expert Dublin Painters

This is why our customers are always raving about our excellent customer service to their friends and family. Our lifeblood is referrals and that is how we have built our business to what it is today. So with that in mind we make sure to always pay attention to the small details as it’s the small things our clients truly notice and it allows us to easily surpass our competitors.

Always make sure the company has their insurance details up to date. Insurance can be very expensive and so some companies will just skip paying it. If they do show you a certificate you’ll often notice that it out of date by a few years. This is a tell tale sign that you are dealing with an untrustworthy and unreliable tradesman. Avoid at all costs.

As you are going to have strange people in your home whom you’ve never seen before, it is also a great idea to find out what kind of background checks a company is performing. We do extensive research on each applicant before we hire anyone.


C4I did an incredible job on my home. Not only did they paint the entire outside but they also offered to clean my gutters, fascia, soffits and windows while they had the ladders up. I’d happily recommend C4I to anyone looking for high quality and reliable painters. – Julia Tuohy, Rathmines


Our Painting Contractor Services

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Interior Painting & Decorating
Exterior Painting & Decorating
Domestic Painting & Decorating
Kitchen Cabinet Spraying
Commercial Painting and Decorating
Floor Sanding & Varnishing
Wallpaper Hanging
Walls Smoothening Service


Painters and Decorators in Dublin

It can be frustrating when you realise that  your home needs to be repainted but you don’t know who to call to get it done. There are so many bad tradesmen in the world that it can be a very daunting task making sure that you hire the right company.

Also the prices that you get can vary so widely that you aren’t quite sure what is included in each quote.

Thankfully C4I is here to help. With our decades of experience we have perfect the art of satisfying our clients. With thousands of happy residential and commercial customers all over Dublin we have proven beyond any doubt that we have what it takes to get the job done right every time.

Our pricing is easy to understand so you know exactly what it is you are going to get. No fuss, no nonsense.


  • Amazing new colours
  • Excellent quality materials
  • Great rates
  • Reliable professionals
  • Decades of experience painting and decorating in Dublin
  • We have a large number of painters for great availability


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